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Bird Report

The following is an account of the birds reported in the Hope Valley recording area in recent times. There are also summaries for the current and past years.

Mute Swan
The pair that appeared on the pond up the Dale in Hathersage were placed there after rescue. Both had died by the end of 2013. We still have no records of any 'natural' appearances.

Whooper Swan
Occasionally seen flying over on migration. A herd of 35 headed north over Hope in March 2013.

Pink-Footed Goose
Regularly seen flying over on migration.

Greylag Goose
Very scarce visitor. Latest report was of a pair on the river at Froggat in April 2015.

Canada Goose
Fairly common resident. Breeding on the Derwent around Hathersage since 2009. Large numbers breed on the Derwent Valley reservoirs north of Ashopton viaduct.

Barnacle Goose
Very scarce visitor. One was reported with some Canada geese above Ladybower dam in March 2012.

Mandarin Duck
Common resident. Now reported regularly between Grindleford and Bamford on the Derwent.

Very scarce winter visitor. Latest report was of a single bird near Leadmill Bridge (Hathersage) in March 2013.

Very scarce visitor. Two reported on flooded fields at Froggatt in April 2012.

Uncommon winter visitor. A pair were recorded at Froggat in February and March 2013.

Very common resident. Large numbers breed on the rivers and on Ladybower reservoir.

Very rare summer visitor. Reported at Hathersage in May 2015.

Tufted Duck
Uncommon. Infrequently reported around Froggatt, mainly in winter.

Scarce winter visitor. A male reported near the stepping stones in Hathersage in December 2012 - first report since 2010.

Red-Breasted Merganser
Uncommon summer visitor. Once regularly reported but the last record was in April 2011.

Common Scoter
Very scarce visitor. One reported on the south arm of Ladybower in July 2012.

Fairly common resident. Known to have bred in recent years on both the Derwent and the Noe. Now regularly reported overwintering.

Red Grouse
Fairly common resident. Regularly reported in small numbers below the gritstone edges.

Black Grouse
Very scarce. Last report was of a single bird on Burbage Moor in January 2012. Birds appear in the valley very infrequently presumed to be from the release scheme.

Red-Legged Partridge
Very scarce. Two pairs seen in the Edale valley in May 2014.

Grey Partridge
Very scarce. Most reports from Callow Bank area near Hathersage.

Very common resident.

Fairly common. Seen flying up/down the river. Regularly recorded on the rafts on Ladybower reservoir.

Little Egret
Very scarce visitor. First reported in the valley in May 2012, near Froggatt and more recently over Hathersage in June 2014.

Grey Heron
Common resident. Heronry on the west bank of Ladybower reservoir. Frequently seen flying up/down the river.

White Stork
Vagrant. Four birds passed through in June 2012 and spent a few hours in a field at Bamford.

Little Grebe
Scarce resident. A pair were seen with 3 young around Froggatt in July 2013 and with broods of 2 and 3 in 2014.

Great Crested Grebe
Status in the valley unclear. Single bird reported on the Lafarge fishing ponds at Hope in June 2008 but no records since.

Honey Buzzard
Rare passage migrant. One reported over Hathersage in September 2008.

Red Kite
Very rare but becoming less so. Most recently reported over Padley in June 2015.

White-Tailed Eagle
Vary rare visitor. One was reported flying between Bradwell and Bamford in July 2011.

Hen Harrier
Very scarce. Male drifted west over Hathersage in March 2009.

Very scarce. Known to breed in upper Derwent Valley. One recorded flying over Froggatt in February and over Hathersage in March 2009. Probably under-recorded in the valley.

Common resident. Regular visitor to feeding stations.

Common resident. Now breeding in the valley.

Rare passage migrant. Most recent report was of a birds flying in the valley in April and May 2015.

Fairly common resident.

Scarce. Reported in 2010 for the first time since 2001 - over Padley. Most recent report from the slopes of Sir William Hill in June 2015.

Scarce summer visitor. Now reported in most summers, most recently over Longshaw in June 2015.

Scarce. Most recently reported near Hathersage in December 2013.

Water Rail
Very scarce. Reported at Calver Marshes in April 2015.

Common resident. Numbers seem to be increasing after problems with mink predation. Several pairs breed on the Derwent and the Noe. Also recorded on the pond at Longshaw.

Uncommon resident. Regularly recorded above Calver Weir. Also reported on the pond at Longshaw and on the Lafarge fishing ponds.

Very rare. One reported over Edale in October 2009. One reported over Hathersage in September 2015.

Uncommon summer visitor. Last reported on the flashes at Hathersage in June 2014.

Rare passage migrant. Reported around Stanage edge in May 2009. A pair were on Abney Moor in May 2010 and a single bird in the same area in May 2011.

Golden Plover
Scarce summer visitor. Most recent reports from Bamford Moor in April 2010 and Dennis Knoll in April 2011.

Fairly common summer resident. Regularly reported above Mitchell Field at Hathersage.

Fairly common summer resident. Regularly reported around the gritstone edges.

Scarce resident. Probably very much under-recorded. Last reported around Hathersage in May 2014.

Very scarce passage migrant. Last report was of a bird over Abney in July 2010.

Fairly common summer resident. Regularly reported around the gritstone edges.

Common Sandpiper
Very scarce summer visitor. Recorded in the valley in May 2013 and 2014 - on the river near Froggatt.

Very scarce visitor. One was reported on flooded fields near Froggatt Bridge for a few days in May 2012.

Black-Headed Gull
Infrequently seen flying over to roosts/feeding areas outside of the valley. Last report was of a single bird flying past Calver in June 2013.

Common Gull
Scarce visitor. Last report was of as bird around Curbar Gap in November 2011.

Lesser Black-Backed Gull
Regularly seen flying over to roosts/feeding areas outside of the valley.

Herring Gull
Infrequently seen flying over to roosts/feeding areas outside of the valley.

Stock Dove
Uncommon resident with a pair visiting a Hathersage garden regularly for the last 3 years.

Very common resident

Collared Dove
Very common resident

Ring-Necked Parakeet
Very rare visitor. Recorded on Sickleholme Golf Course in 2007. Also recorded at Curbar in October 2009 and Edale in January and February 2013.

Fairly common summer resident. Regularly reported around Burbage and Longshaw.

Barn Owl
Status unclear - but very scarce. Latest report was of a juvenile bird at Hathersage in July 2015.

Little Owl
Uncommon resident. Sightings mostly around Castleton and in the Edale valley.

Tawny Owl
Fairly common resident. Most often heard in late winter.

Long-Eared Owl
Very scarce resident. Breeding pair reported near Hathersage in 2015.

Short-Eared Owl
Scarce. Latest report was of a bird around Burbage Edge in December 2014.

Common summer resident

Uncommon resident. Latest sighting was of a bird on the Noe in April 2015.

Vagrant. Single bird reported at Curbar in May 2008.

Green Woodpecker
Fairly common resident.

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Common resident. Regular visitor to garden feeding stations.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Very scarce resident. Last reported between Grindleford and Hathersage in January 2015.

Golden Oriole
Very rare summer visitor. Last reported in Padley Gorge for one day in June 2013.

Red-Backed Shrike
Very rare passage migrant. One reported on Froggatt Edge in June 2013.

Great Grey Shrike
Very scarce winter visitor. Last reported around Froggatt Edge in November 2014.

Very common resident

Fairly common resident

Very common resident

Very common resident

Carrion Crow
Very common resident

Uncommon resident.

Fairly common resident

Blue Tit
Very common resident

Great Tit
Very common resident

Coal Tit
Very common resident

Willow Tit
Status unclear. Recorded in Coombsdale in August 2009 and around Abney in August 2010. Family group found above Froggatt in 2011. Call heard by the river at Froggatt in August 2014.

Marsh Tit
Very scarce. Latest report was of a family of 5 at the top end of Padley Woods in July 2013.

Uncommon resident. Found on the higher ground rather than on the valley bottom.

Sand Martin
Very scarce. Nearest known breeding colony in Chatsworth Park. Last report was of a bird around Stanage Edge in July 2013.

Very common summer resident. Numbers seem down in the last couple of years.

House Martin
Very common summer resident. Numbers seem down in the last couple of years.

Long-Tailed Tit
Common resident

Wood Warbler
Scarce summer resident. Recorded most years in Padley Woods and sometimes around Bretton Clough.

Very common summer resident

Willow Warbler
Very common summer resident

Very common summer resident

Garden Warbler
Fairly common summer resident.

Lesser Whitethroat
Scarce summer resident. A few heard singing near Hathersage in 2015.

Fairly common summer resident. Recorded regularly in Hathersage and around Calver. Numbers seem to be increasing in recent years.

Grasshopper Warbler
Fairly scarce summer resident. A few birds noted reeling in most years.

Sedge Warbler
Very scarce summer visitor. Most recently recorded around Calver in August 2011.

Rare winter visitor. There was a big influx into U.K. In the winter of 2012/2013 and larger flocks were in the valley occasionally. Reported in small numbers in Hathersage in November and December 2012.

Common resident

Common resident

Very common resident

Common resident

Rose-Coloured Starling
Very rare visitor. A single bird was reported at Curbar at a feeding station in May 2009 and again in June 2014.

Locally common resident. Breeding on both the Derwent and the Noe.

Ring Ouzel
Locally common summer resident. Around the gritstone edges - particularly Burbage and Stanage.

Very common resident

Fairly common winter visitor

Song Thrush
Fairly common resident

Fairly common winter visitor

Mistle Thrush
Common resident

Spotted Flycatcher
Scarce summer resident. Recorded in 4 or 5 locations in recent years.

Pied Flycatcher
Scarce summer resident. Reported regularly in Padley Woods and north of Hathersage. Reported in additional locations in 2013.

Red-Breasted Flycatcher
Vagrant. Reported at Longshaw in October 2014.

Very common resident

Black Redstart
Very scarce visitor. Single bird recorded on our Burbage walk in April 2008. Reported around Longshaw in May 2013.

Fairly common summer resident. Recorded regularly in Padley woods and Bretton Clough. There seem to be good numbers around in recent years.

Uncommon summer resident. Recorded regularly Callow Bank and also above Padley Woods.

Fairly common resident. Numbers seem to be much lower in recent years after the severe winters of 2009 and 2010.

Fairly common summer resident. Mainly on the higher ground in the white peak and below the gritsone edges.

Very common resident

House Sparrow
Common resident

Tree Sparrow
Very scarce. First record in 2007 after many years - 1 in Hathersage and another in Hope. Recorded in Froggatt in March 2008. Latest records are of single birds in Hathersage and Edale in March 2011.

Yellow Wagtail
Very scarce visitor. Last reported around Bretton in May 2012.

Grey Wagtail
Fairly common resident. Breeding on both the Derwent and the Noe.

Pied Wagtail
Common resident.

Tree Pipit
Fairly common summer resident.

Meadow Pipit
Common resident. Seen mostly in summer below the gritstone edges.

Very common resident

Uncommon winter visitor.

Fairly common resident. Noticeably fewer in the last few years. Has suffered badly from trichomoniasis outbreaks.

Common resident

Uncommon resident. Mainly seen in winter although it is likely small numbers may now breed in the valley around the Ladybower area. Now a regular visitor to feeding stations especially at Longshaw.

Uncommon resident. Mainly found on the higher ground under the gritstone edges and above the quarries in the south.

Very scarce visitor. Last report was of a single bird at Castleton in December 2014.

Lesser Redpoll
Uncommon resident. Recorded more frequently in recent years especially at Longshaw.

Mealy Redpoll
Rare visitor. Recorded in Froggatt in January 2009, at Longshaw several times 2010, and on Back Tor Edale in March 2011.

Common Crossbill
Scarce visitor. Last report was of a small group flying over Padley Gorge in January 2014.

Fairly common resident.

Very rare visitor. A single bird was reported around Nether Hurst near Hathersage in January 2012. Another was at the north end of Sickleholme golf course in December 2012.

Snow Bunting
Very rare winter visitor. One reported at Stanage Edge in November 2012.

Scarce resident. Recorded around Curbar gap in 2008 and 2012. Regularly found above Bretton Clough

Reed Bunting
Uncommon resident. Mostly recorded below the gritstone edges. Up to 6 birds reported almost daily in the spring in a Hathersage garden since 2009.